Meet the team

Hi Athletes!

Thank you for coming aboard and sharing our passion for fishing, boating and the great outdoors. The creation of Reel Brand has been a little project amongst 4 friends and we're extremely excited to be finally sharing it with the world. Meet the team ...

Paul Worstling-

Undisputedly the biggest name in Australian fishing. Paul hosts iFish TV and travels around Australia and the world all year chasing the best on offer in the ocean. He travels with wife Christy and son Jet Reef, they're all living the dream with rod in hand. 

Patrick Dangerfield-

AFL superstar and host of radio show Reel Adventures, Patrick is an average but passionate fisherman. Once the footy season is over Patrick packs up his suitcase to travel the world and always has room for a rod to take with him.

Bomber Farrel-

Bomber is an expert in the northern waters of the Gulf of Carpinteria but has fished extensively all around Australia. You'd be hard pressed to find a creek, stream or puddle that he hasn't dipped a line in. His wife Kelly is also an excellent fisherwoman and there is always a little bit of competition in that household. 

Barry Sullivan-

The brains behind this operation! Barry is an accomplished business man and recreational fisherman. His fishing is primarily based on the Murary river but it's also taken him all over the country. However this expedition has enough people fishing and needs someone to do the hard work. Barry is our guy.


Friendships have formed over a mutual love of fishing and the outdoors Conversations over 'cooking our catch' have lead us to this stage. 

We are so proud of our product and have made quality our priority and to bring something different and practical to the fishing apparel industry.

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